Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones

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Life Saving Benefits of Natural Hormone Balancing One would think that something as valuable as a medical discovery would achieve easy recognition and quickly develop into widespread use. The regrettable fact today is that large pharmaceutical companies dictate what therapies doctors are likely to prescribe. Once effective treatments lose patent protection, they fall into a deep abyss and are often forgotten in conventional medicine practice. The Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones, authored by Edward Lichten, M.D., memorializes 100 years of discoveries made by pioneering physicians who have used non-patented, bio-identical hormones to prevent and treat a wide range of common diseases. Combating the Medical Establishment While battling an apathetic and often hostile medical establishment, Dr. Lichten has successfully applied, refined, and invented medical treatments that can reverse the course of disorders as diverse as migraine, type II diabetes, PMS, congestive heart failure, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and insomnia. Treatments are supported in the scientific medical literature and/or reflect the many successful patient outcomes Dr. Lichten has observed in this practice. The case histories presented in the Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones are by themselves compelling enough to make it a must read for physicians and health conscious individuals seeking safe, natural and effective approaches to intractable illnesses. For those not yet suffering serious disease, this book provides a roadmap for maturing women and men to safely restore their full compliment of youth hormones. The benefit of natural hormone restoration is the reversal of many unwanted effects that aging inflicts on the human body. About Edward Lichten Edward M. Lichten, M.D. became board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1976. A Fellow of the College of Surgeons and the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dr. Lichten soon realized that standard medical therapy left too many individuals untreated. Dr. Lichten responded by systematically pursuing alternative medical, natural and then original bio-identical research until finding therapies that he could prove would work. He discovered the cause of menstrual pain–a simple treatment and potential cure in 1982; a non-psychiatric drug treatment for premenstrual syndrome and depression in 1985; a true breakthrough in the treatment of a woman’s migraines and men’s cluster headaches in 1989 and in 1991. His most cherished discover occurred in 1997 when he proved to his colleagues that diabetes in men is primarily a testosterone deficiency syndrome. Pictured with a few of his dedicated and "I-want-to-live-a-healthy-life-until-I’m-100-years-old" patients, Dr. Lichten believes that we have the science and understanding to live much longer and better lives. He practices what he preaches and writes scientific articles for his peers to review. A veteran speaker having given more than 100 lectures on four continents, Dr. Lichten remains dedicated to the dictum of ‘treating one patient at a time’ for his or her individual needs. Dr. Lichten practices in southeastern Michigan. He wrote this book because of the dangerous state of confusion about what women and men should do to properly balance their hormones. As Dr. Lichten stated: "This book serves as an outreach…to those who I will never meet, but will hopefully find effective solutions to their medical concerns via the information conveyed herein." Life Extension expects that the Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones will soon become part of the library of thousands of innovative physicians around the world. The cover price of the Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones is $49.95.


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